About Me

Photo by: Jenny watson


A great piece of art leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. I believe that websites should aim to leave a similar feeling to their users. It is this idea that drives me to develop visually appealing websites that still maintain great functionality.

Photo by: Jenny watson

Career Status

I’m currently employed as a Web Developer at ABORG where I primarily develop and maintain WordPress websites. We have a huge variety of clients ranging from small one-person businesses to massive organizations. As such, the complexity and size of the websites I work on vary from client to client.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any opportunities that I may be interested in.

Photo by: Jenny watson

Rowing Life

I have been involved in rowing for over 10 years as both an athlete and a coach. As an athlete, I’ve had the opportunity to compete at many prestigious regattas, including some international regattas as part of the Canadian national team.

Recently I have stopped competing as an athlete. After making the transition to coaching, I’ve been coaching the Carleton University women’s varsity team for the past three years.