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Fludesign Inc. produces elite racing boats for rowing. The website redesign reflects the quality and care put into their products and provides eCommerce functionality. The site's highlight is the new build-a-boat feature, where customers can customize boats then view and order their creations.

E-Commerce, WordPressView Project

Handcrafted Performance

Fludesign Inc. produces elite racing boats for rowing. Unfortunately, their old website did not adequately reflect the quality of their boats. To update this, I designed and developed a website that focused on using strong imagery and dynamic design to highlight the quality of the boats.

The clients really liked the idea of using lots of imagery to display their boats. Therefore I designed the website to be very simple and clean with areas to display large images. There is limited use of colour for the site’s elements to allow the images to stand out. The client also wanted to incorporate the use of diagonally sliced images. As such, I incorporated this element throughout the site. Overall, I think the final look and feel reached the goal of being clean and simple, with strong imagery.

One feature that the client wanted to incorporate was a custom boat builder. The intention is for users to be able to choose from a variety of options, and then see images of their digitally rendered boat. I wanted to design the feature to be very flexible, meaning that new options can be added easily. This was a unique challenge but I'm happy to say the end result turned out great.

We had a customer try out the site as she wanted to customize her BlueMax, and she absolutely LOVED the experience. She spent 2 hours playing around with different ideas. The final result was a ‘SuperMan‘ themed boat.Sam Roberts - Production and Quality Management at Fluidesign