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Oui Crew

Having been involved in rowing for over 10 years as both an athlete and coach, I've discovered many of the annoyances that come with managing training data. To combat these issues, I developed OuiCrew, a data management app for rowing.

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After using OuiCrew, I refuse to go back to the old way of calculating time trial results.Sr Men's Head Coach, Ottawa Rowing Club

What can OuiCrew do?

  • Private Teams: All training and race data is only available to team members.
  • Schedules: Create training schedules to keep track of workouts, races, and other events.
  • Race Manager: Set up and manage races online with live race results.
  • Leaderboard: Create training schedules to keep track of workouts, races, and other events.

Development Story

OuiCrew was truly a full-stack web development project. I did everything from designing the website to developing the API. Coming from a background of front-end development and design, I was comfortable with those parts of the project. Developing the back-end was all new to me, and therefore had its challenges. However, I took it as an opportunity to learn a new skill set to expand my capabilities as a developer.

OuiCrew Phone Graphic

For the UX/UI, I choose to go with a standard dashboard layout. This would allow users to become familiar with the web app quickly. I also put a lot of emphasis on user feedback to ensure that the users would understand what was happening while using the web app. For the front-end framework, I choose to use Vue, as I am most familiar with it. Even though I choose a standard layout, I wrote all the styles myself to ensure optimal customization.

Having worked with JavaScript a lot for front-end projects, I thought it would be best to use Node.JS / Express as a back-end framework. After, a bit of a rocky start, I began to become familiar with the framework and how server-side coding worked in general. I'm happy I took this opportunity as now I am way more comfortable with back-end development and have a new skillset at my disposal.