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Rampage Coffee Co.

Rampage Coffee Co. is a new monthly coffee subscription business that needed a logo and a brand guide. While working closely with the owner, I designed a logo, package labels, and a brand that he was extremely happy with.

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Roasted with purpose, then delivered to your favorite mug. Our strong coffee comes packed with enough attitude to punch you out of your morning slippers.

The founder of Rampage Coffee Co. approached me to help with his branding when he was first starting his business. The goal was pretty straightforward, develop a brand that properly represents the quality and strength of the coffee they make. He also really liked the idea of a skull with sunglasses, so I made sure to base the logo around that idea.

Beyond the logo, I also worked with the founder to develop a branding guide that covered the brand story, logo variations, colour pallets, imagery, and voice. Once the branding guide was developed, I then designed package labels for their three coffee options.